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What are the Benefits of hiring a professional coach?

Personalized Coaching

Coaching is somewhat popular but often misunderstood. Anyone can call themselves a coach, and it causes some confusion. That said, hiring a trained professional coach can aid personal growth, greater self-awareness, skill development, and reaching goals more quickly and efficiently.

Why Coaching

Coaching is all about you. You are the expert on your life. You know you better than anyone else. And you know your situation. You also have a good idea on the direction you want to go in life. But there is often a gap between where you are and where you want to be. That’s where a professional coach can help.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional coach.

Gain a Better Understanding of Where You Are

Stuck. Lacking Momentum. Needing to get some traction. A professional coach won’t tell you how to get moving, but they will ask questions that help you become more aware of how to get unstuck. They might ask questions like:

  1. What is getting in the way of forward momentum?
  2. What are your fears? How can you address those fears?
  3. What can you do right now, that is within your power, to make some forward movement?
  4. Imagine yourself making progress. What is happening to make that possible? 

Gain Greater Understanding of Your Details

An intentional coaching conversation begins with your agenda. You get to set the direction forward. A professional coach isn’t attached to the details of what you want to talk about or to the process of how you are going to get movement. A professional coach is absolutely committed to you and your goals. Your coach will ask you questions that will help you consider potential approaches in getting traction. Those questions will help you consider your position, perspectives, views, and possible ways forward. 

Get Some Traction for Forward Movement

Forward movement is all about having the right kind of traction. Imagine a car trying to navigate slippery or dangerous conditions without good traction. A new set of all terrain or all-season tires can make all the difference. The same thing is true in our lives when we have decisions to make, huge changes to navigate, or goals to move toward and attain. Getting traction is the difference between sliding around and confidently moving forward.

Get Serious About Actions, Planning, and Goal Setting

You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to planning out your next steps and making progress. A professional coach won’t tell you what to do, but they will help you to think the what, when, why, and how. Some of the questions that might come up during planning and goals setting are:

  1. What are some possible next steps? What factors are involved in deciding which ones are most likely to produce the results you want?
  2. Out of all of your potential next steps, which ones are you most likely to commit to?
  3. What can you do (realistically) between now and our next coaching conversation?
  4. Who can support you?
  5. How will this help you reach your ultimate goal?

You get to decide on your goal for a coaching conversation. Sometimes a successful coaching conversation is greater awareness about a situation in life. At other times a clear plan with next steps and forward movement toward a goal is what will define success.

If you want to explore whether or not hiring a professional coach is right for you, schedule a complimentary call with me.