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Understanding your strengths allows you to connect with your calling!

Called to Coach and Coaching Around Calling

The Bible is full of stories where God called a person to greater purpose and impact. He called Abraham to go on a journey of faith. He called David out of shepherding and made him the shepherd King of Israel. Jesus called each of the disciples to follow him. There is no call unless there is One who calls and that calling gets worked out in our homes, communities, churches, and workplaces.

Every single one of us is called first to follow God and then more specifically to live out that calling in the specifics (family, friends, work) of our everyday lives. “Coaches help people to become what God would have them become (Ephesians 1:4,5), and to do what God would have them do (Ephesians 2:10). Coaching supports and encourages the calling, gifting, and unique potential that God has given each person.” (Webb, Keith E. The Coach Model for Christian Leaders . Morgan James Publishing.)

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Bryan Baker


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Spiritual gifts, talents, and strengths really go hand in hand.

— Richard Sterry of Releasing Strengths